Merchant Card Processing Companies Secrets Revealed by Affiliates With Cash Back Program

Merchant Card Processing Companies Secrets Revealed by Affiliates With Cash Back Program
By Phillip Emerson | Submitted On December 10, 2010

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Expert Author Phillip Emerson
Suppose you were a salesperson for a merchant card processing company earning a commission for setting up processing accounts which is the way most companies get business. You find the lowest processing rate for the merchant, fill out the paperwork and get on to finding the next store operator.

The processing company pays your commission and a little ongoing bonus percentage for the amount of cards processed. That’s a sweet income for a few minutes work. It’s so easy that even places like Sam’s Club and Costco are jumping into the discount processing industry.

Here’s the killer secret; what is to stop the merchant from becoming his own salesperson and earning 20% cash back from his processing fees? In fact what’s to stop the merchant from becoming a salesperson to other merchants and giving them a 20% cash back commission also?

Well, sorry folks the processing cat is out of the bag! An industry insider noticed there were billions of dollars to be made easily by informing merchants about this small overlooked secret the processors were holding close to their chest. More studies revealed so many more ways to make money the process was patented!

The affiliate concept was integrated into the patented process and exponentially increasing commissions are provided to both the affiliate and merchant. Perhaps the biggest feature of this technology is it’s free to everyone with no fees ever for anyone!

Merchants keep everything the same with a 20% cash back check on processing fees. They keep the same equipment, same rates and also gain increased security with a 2010 top industry award-winning company.

There is one small drawback to all this patented technology. Merchants must have a minimum of $5000 monthly in credit, debit card and e-check transactions to qualify. On the bright side even shoeshine stands or small mom-and-pop operations bring in that much money monthly and with this program a second business could emerge bringing in more money than the original.

Now a free business doesn’t mean totally free. The company doesn’t provide business cards but they do provide a template so you can stick your name on it and you’re in business. For the net savvy people a website is provided but here again you can personalize your site by getting a domain name for about $13.

Some affiliate programs and card processors are screaming foul but when you get down to it, they’re probably just upset they didn’t think of it first or were hoping to keep all the money for themselves but it doesn’t matter now because the cats out of the bag.

Although this small amount of knowledge may not cover the entire merchant card processing companies’ secrets, it is probably sufficient to let anyone willing to print some business cards and get a personal domain name to get filthy rich or should we say earn a clean living using a patented affiliate process.

Here is your key to the $5.4 trillion merchant card processing industry that is totally untapped by affiliates or merchants and everything is a win-win situation for all involved. Just click on this link [] (a $10 domain name) and change your life forever!

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